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Number 4 is duh, duh, duh, done!

15 Mar

Reading progress

Four books so far this year woo! *High fives self* Now I have to get my butt to the library. For some reason I’m feeling more drawn towards modern books instead of literary classics. They are, of course, easier and I get through the quicker. Next I’d like to read something by Herman Koch but I’ll have to wait since his books are always lent out.

Wanderlust and the Paradox of Choice

I’d like to talk about wanderlust and my competitive side. I seriously can’t go on a language forum without feeling like a child in a sweet shop. All those languages to choose from, all those people gobbling up French, Swedish, German, Thai…and then I want to push all the other children out of the way and steal them all. But I don’t, because of Dutch. It’s a constant battle to reel in my urge to collect more languages and create a more impressive profile. It would of course, be silly to try to learn a language for the sake of impressing others but it’s a mistake I’ve already made several times. Now I know what I really want, which is C2 level Dutch by the time I’m 26 (I’m 20 now) and to be trilingual by the time I’m 30. My ego says ‘12 years for two languages? You’ve gotta be kidding me?!‘ but my heart (which values simplicity) says ‘Go for it!

Inevitably, by the time I’m 30 I’ll be interested in something else so I know 30 year old me will be a lot more satisfied with 3 fluent languages than 20 unfinished ones. It’s getting scary all this talk of being 30 so I’ll stop typing now. Bye! : D

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