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Reading more, not dying

6 Apr

This is how my victory will look.

It’s only day 6 of Read More or Die but it feels longer because of how intensely I’ve been reading. I’ve finished three more books since the 1st of April (granted, they were fairly short but I make up the rules here : P) and read 354 pages.

The competitive aspect of ReadMOD is incredibly motivating. I hate to admit it, but I have a ruthless streak and the image of the Japanese lovers flicking through their mangas and racing to the top ten has me rushing towards the nearest book to get an extra few pages read. It’s made me very picky about reading material. I’ve rejected about seven books because they seemed too difficult or not my style. I want to be able to whizz through the book and up my page count.

If you didn’t sign up this time, I’d recommend going for it in the next round. A month is a good amount of time to focus on reading and eyeing up your position ranking page will have you addicted to reading like it’s cocaine *twitch,  sniff* @_@

I’m looking forward to seeing how much my Dutch has improved at the end of the month!


Read More or Die

31 Mar

Yesterday I found out that the Read More or Die competition is starting a new round in April. The aim is to read as many pages as possible and you’re ranked against other competitors as extra motivation. I was just in time to register!

As you can see in the currently reading box I’ve started reading Kaas by Willem Elsschot. So far I really like it but I’m saving myself for tomorrow so I can get a good start to the competition. The language used seems a bit old fashioned but I can still follow the story so I’m not worried about it. It’s only a short book of 111 pages so as long as my competitive streak takes over, I’ll have it finished in the next few days.

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