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Tadoku July Round – week 3

18 Jul

I’ve been aiming for at least 20 pages per day throughout the contest so far although I’ve had a handful of days where I haven’t reached this goal. Unlike the last round of Tadoku, I haven’t been reading novels. So far I’ve read a Dutch grammar book and I’ve been reading news websites and blogs every day. Another difference is that last time my goal was to beat everyone else which resulted in me binge reading in the first week and then burning out and doing very little in the weeks after. So this time I decided to concentrate on setting a reasonable goal that I could reach. I hope to reach between 600 and 700 pages by the end of the month so I’ll be at around the same amount as during my binge-tadoku last time. Perhaps this slow-and-steady approach will result in me having more energy to binge at the end of the contest and ultimately read more than I did last month. Well, that’s what I’m hoping.

Bonus post within a post:

Things I have to stop doing in Dutch

  • Saying ‘Well…’ Instead of ‘Nou…’
  • Conjugating the 2nd person verb wrongly by saying, for example, ‘Je ben……………………………..(t!)’
  • Making gender mistakes that I realise I’ve got wrong a split second after I’ve said them.
  • Having a gollem moment whilst trying to pronounce any word starting with GR and god forbid followed by OE.
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