Tadoku – end

2 May

Tadoku has finished and I read 645 pages and came in 33rd(?) place. I have to admit, I lost interest in reading in the past few weeks. I need to get back on the horse and finish off my 12 books goal (only 2 more to go!). I still have a list of authors and specific novels I want to read and subjects (like the boeren in South Africa) that I want to read about in Dutch. After completing the 12 books goal, I’ll probably up it to 25 books. I owe myself a milkshake as a reward after I’ve read 12 books : D

Adriaan van Dis is my favourite writer so far. I’ve only read his travel writing so far the way he writes and his attitude towards his subjects. I found the book ‘Het Beloofde Land’ very interesting because it was a look into the attitudes of white South African farmers at the time of Post-Apartheid and just before the presidency of Nelson Mandela. I was amazed by how small their worlds seemed to be. I imagined the white South African to be aggressively racist after reading about the violence in the cities but it was mostly a tentative and extremely fear based kind of racism in the country side. Those in the book were living in vast, sparse environments with nothing much to do than discuss the graduoise history of the white (Dutch) South African.

Now I’m going to read some fiction by van Dis, starting with De Wandelaar.


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