Linguistic monogamy

27 Apr

I seem to be moving away from the idea that learning languages is my ‘thing’. I’ve had so many false starts with trying to learn languages other than Dutch that I can’t ignore the reality that I’m in it for the 3d, tangible, cultural experience and not for academic or linguistic motivations. That being said, my current plan is to study Dutch at university. I think it would be great to finally get to jump inside Dutch language culture and pull my level up to ‘fluent’. Dutch is my passion. I would compare it to being in a relationship in the sense that as time goes on you get to know more and more about a person, but the more you know, the more complicated they are and the more you feel there’s still to find out. (If you catch my drift.)  Studying Dutch would be like going on a romantic holiday to the Caribbean with it : D

Side note: On Friday it’s Kate & Will’s wedding and I’m ashamed to admit I’m excited. That’s what you get when you live abroad, a loyalty to your country that you never had while you were residing there. However, the day after is Koninginnedag (Dutch Queen’s official b-day) so I’ll be switching back to orange overnight.


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