On a side note: Eurovision

25 Mar

The Eurovision entry for The Netherlands this year was originally written in Dutch and sounded like this:

But now they’ve decided to translate it to English so it’s become this…

…which I’ll admit, looks and sounds a lot cooler. The video makes it seem like they always sing in English, like this is their natural style. It could work. But anyway, I was a little annoyed when I found out they were translating it to English because I’m a purist and believe that every country should enter with a song written in their own language. We all know Eurovision isn’t about the music so why not make it about cultural diversity? It’s such a shame. I think the lust to win drives countries to pull out their English dictionaries and construct entities such Apricot Stone (2010 Armenian entry)…

and sing in god awful accents {sorry but I can’t stand Lena >_<} (2010 German winner)

All being said, I can’t say that this is much better (2011 UK entry)

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