Praat mar Frysk

24 Mar

I’m really tempted to start learning Frisian at some point. I don’t know how long it’s taken the Frisians to manifest this but there seems to be a buzz and a sense of pride around the language that doesn’t exist around Dutch. A sort of bubble wrap, protecting the language, since it is listed as ‘vulnerable’ by UNESCO.

The poster girl for Frisian, making it extra, extra, super cool, is Victoria’s Secret Angel, Doutzen Kroes. Here she is in a video for the organisation Praat mar Frysk (Speak Frisian):

If I do start learning Frisian, I’ll probably take out a subscription with EduFrysk which has lessons, dictionaries etc and and Afû sell Frisian books (although they’re pretty expensive :/).

Frisian is fairly easy to read, at least with my level of Dutch but personally I think it sounds softer than Dutch and nice when sung. Another effort to promote Frisian was through music. They’ve translated Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan into Frisian.

And the Frisian band Twarres have written unbelievably beautiful songs in Frysk.

Dus praat mar Frysk!

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